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90-year-old man in Chennai earns a PhD

7:06 PM, February 15, 2017

India(Tamil Nadu):The topic of his research was 'God's call to the church to join in transforming the world into a kingdom of love'.

Paul Siromoni and Joyce Siromoni.

90-year-old Paul Siromoni from Chennai recently earned his PhD and proved that you're never too old to go back to school. He had to write six papers, attend several seminars and give three long exams.

The topic of his research was 'God's call to the church to join in transforming the world into a kingdom of love'. Siromoni started working on his thesis after his retirement and was awarded his doctorate after a three-year period, last week.

He was the General Secretary of the YMCA and later joined St. Mark's Cathedral as the Head of the Industrial Team Service. He is also one of the founding members of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science.

A social worker, Siromoni teaches the slum dwellers of Bangalore small skills for making a living, and also helps them with basic necessities such as healthcare and education.

His wife, Dr Joyce Siromoni, also is into social work. A medical graduate, she is the Founder of Medico-Pastoral Association. She is a recipient of the CNN-IBN Real Heroes Awards in 2010.

Joyce, who is 87, is working to rehabilitate and integrate people suffering from mental illnesses. She runs a rehabilitation centre – Paripurnata or Halfway Home in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The couple believes that the society is influenced too much by the commercial world. They believe that god made human beings to propagate love and to relate to each other as people. Dr Paul Siromoni says that God works through his people and they are merely the vector of God's work.

He states that some people have come to the conclusion that the Church's mission is to convert people from other religions into Christianity but he clarifies that the mission is to convert people into beings that love fellow beings, and make the world a kingdom of love.

"Unfortunately we are conditioned by our culture and our culture is dominated by the economy". Paul Siromoni believes that half the population is depressed, stressed or addicted to drugs because the world is inhuman. The husband and wife are working at bringing justice, peace and love to the world.

Source: India Today

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