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Court acquits pastor, 11 others accused of violence

8:31 PM, October 10, 2018

India(Delhi):A mob of suspected hardline Hindu activists attacked the pastorís Good Friday prayer service in 2015.

A district court in Madhya Pradesh Oct. 10 acquitted a Christian pastor and 11 others three years after they were booked on charges of attacking a group of Hindus.
The Mandelshwar District and Sessions Court of Madhya Pradesh having heard the witnesses found that it was Pastor Damar Singh and others who had been beaten up.
Judge Sangeeta Dawar Maurya acquitted all 12 of all charges.
A mob of suspected hardline Hindu activists attacked the pastor’s prayer service on Good Friday of 2015.
Later, the Pastor and 11 others were booked, reportedly under pressure from the mob, for stone pelting, abusing, beating up and for making life threatening calls.
Allied lawyers of ADF India, a human rights organization, approached the court to secure freedom of religion and belief guaranteed under the constitution.
The acquittal “strengthens our faith in the Judiciary even though it has taken over 3 years for the pastor to get justice,” said Tehmina Arora, Supreme Court lawyer and director of ADF-India (the Alliance Defending Freedom).
“Imagine the plight of these 12 who went through this ordeal for no fault of theirs,” she commented.


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