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'Dangerous Korean cult' threatens Mizoram Christians

6:14 PM, August 13, 2019

India(Assam):Shincheonji, created in the 1980s, is primarily practised in South Korea.

Baptist leaders in Manipur have warned their people to be wary of Shincheonji, a 'dangerous' South Korean Christian cult that many young people are reportedly falling for.

Manipur Baptist Convention (MBC) wanted its people "to remain informed and vigilant about the dangerous heretical cult group, called Shincheonji, from South Korea."

Most Christians in Manipur are Baptists, but Christians do not dominate the population unlike the states of Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Mizoram. The Christian majority states have a huge following of the Protestant American Baptist church. 

The Baptist convention in a statement said cult leader Lee Man-Hee "claims to have access to the secret knowledge of scriptures which other church pastors do not know.

Moreover, he claims that one can truly know God only by following and listening to the teachings of Shincheonji,” MBC general secretary Reverend Wungnaoting Konghar said.

He said the cult “infiltrating our city churches” was a major concern, he said. 

Their teachings create animosity and distrust between churches. The cult people spend most of their time inviting others to join them spend "very little time with their families, friends and churches and neglect and quit their studies or work,” Konghar said.

According to him, a good number of young people from Manipur, living in the metros, have fallen prey to the cult’s false and deceptive teachings.

The region maintains a special love of Korean culture but it was for the first time that Korea's name has figured as a threat in the religious affairs.

The region has witnessed a growing craze for Korean music, language, and movies. Some towns here have seen Korean language classes and Korean brands like Mumuso Kr. even have showrooms.

Korean movies are also very popular in Manipur where the militants imposed a ban on Hindi movies many years ago.

Shincheonji, created in the 1980s, is primarily followed in South Korea. The group has often faced criticism for shallow and academically-weak teachings.

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